The Umeå Fire Fighter Project

2009 Design for User Experience

10-week term project with the Umeå Fire Department

In this project the APD students conducted rapid ethnography studies at the local fire station, following the fire fighters during a working day. In the second phase the students were introduced to a method of idea generation, which is used identify and establish a number of "design opportunities." After this, each student was asked to choose one of these design opportunities, carry out any necessary further research and write a design brief describing the problem to be solved, what will be achieved and how it will be done.
The result was 10 different concepts providing potential solutions for a wide range of problems and design opportunities such as: Wearable tools for fires inside walls, personal safety equipment for the smoke divers, a new type of nano-filtered breathing mask for the fire fighters, lighter and more flexible cutting tools and stretcher system for extracting people from an automobile accident, a new concept for a smoke diving helmet with artificial enhanced visibility and two concepts for mobile cleaning units for the fire fighters and smoke divers work clothes and equipment.

External tutors:

Steen Mandsfelt Eriksen, Mandsfelt Industrial Design, Denmark
Professor Pete Avondoglio, senior advisor for the APD program
Michael Frederiksen, industrial designer and partner at Spindoc, Denmark

Course responsible:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme

  • UID students

    Ayca Kinik Altuner
    José Juan Loredo Rodriguez
    John (Ju Seok) Lee
    Mansour Ourasanah
    Malin Grummas
    Martin Oberrmayer
    Nicholas Ross
    Cenk Aytekin
    Omer Haciomeroglu
    Philip Nordmand Andersen