Design students win awards at 'Ung Svensk Form 2021'

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Students Mathilda Karlsson and Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg have been awarded the national design award 'Ung Svensk Form' for their degree projects Meno Clinic and Animo.


Mathilda is currently studying the Master's Programme in Advanced Product Design at UID. She was awarded the 'Ung Svensk Form' prize for her bachelor's thesis Meno Clinic, which was carried out in collaboration with Region Västerbotten and Ungdomshälsan Umeå (UMO). The project aimed to create a safer overall experience of going to the gynecologist.

Through her work with Meno Clinic, Mathilda developed a new flow and movement pattern for the gynecologist's reception room, which creates a safer environment and reduces the feeling of vulnerability for the patient.

"It's fun to win such a big competition and I hope with the increased exposure of the project that it will inspire continued work with improving design for women and children, which is an area that is close to my heart," says Mathilda Karlsson.

Mathilda Karlsson

Mathilda Karlsson, winner of 'Ung Svensk Form' 2021

Mathilda's work has been met with positivity from Region Västerbotten  and they have begun the work of adapting their reception rooms.

"I would have liked to continue the project, but due to a lot of work at UID during the autumn, I have chosen to focus on the studies. If given the opportunity, it would be fun to present the work to RFSU as well as other regions throughout Sweden. Alternatively, work with architects who design such hospital environments ", says Mathilda Karlsson.

The winners of the 'Ungs Svensk Form' competition will be presented on a tour of Sweden and since Mathilda's concept is digital, it will be shown on four different screens.

Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg is another UID winner of the award. Rebekka was praised for her degree project Animo, a tactile, interactive game for the rehabilitation for young stroke patients.


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