Oliver Weglinski (MFA IxD) has been awarded this year’s Michael Treschow Scholarship


The jury's motivation highlights Weglinski's willingness to explore and address complex societal, technological and human questions, as well as his ability to understand their intersections.


The jury said: "Weglinski continuously addresses the human condition, choosing to embrace complexity rather than hiding it behind a polished facade. Going beyond the human-centered design approach, his concepts are life-centered, reminding us of what it means to be human in a world that is about more than just us. The scholarship is awarded to a student who shows great potential and an ability to address the big questions that we face as a society through interventions that feel natural, measured and considered. Dismantling normative societal concepts through an approach that embraces a diversity of realities, Weglinski's work speaks of a poetic refinement of both form and thought".

Weglinski will receive the award during a digital conference organized by SSE House of Innovation, Dialogues at the Garden, taking place on 3 December 2020. The scholarship, worth SEK 100 000 is sponsored by Michael Treschow.

 "Knowing that a jury of design experts selected me out of all the amazing candidates is a great acknowledgement for my design practice and encourages me to further explore different ways on how we can move beyond the traditional human-centered design approach towards more life-centered philosophies. Furthermore, it ensures financial stability for planning and executing my Master thesis which will help me to conduct necessary research trips or workshops", said Weglinski. "I would like to thank Michael Treschow and everyone else who is part of the committee for this singular honor. I have never felt so grateful, honored, and appreciated. This is definitely a life-changing event", he concluded.

The scholarship's ambition is to help and motivate creative design students to pursue higher education beyond Bachelor-level studies. It is awarded through a collaboration with The Garden - Center for Design and Leadership at the SSE House of Innovation. The scholarship was introduced in 2003, and has been awarded 16 times to brilliant designers, who continued their studies at Master's level.

Conference where the award will be given - digital and open to everyone:

Recent projects by Oliver Weglinski


Siro - A multi-sensorial interface for tele-operative mining interventions

Siro enables the operator to remotely control an excavator in different mines around the globe. At the core of the system are wearables which substitute different sensorial sensations from the actual location.

Station Of Being

A station of being - An interactive bus for arctic conditions (created by RISE & Rombout Frieling Labs)

Oliver was part of the initial research and prototyping exploration phase for a system that increases the quality of the waiting time at the bus stop. Usually, commuters have to watch out for their bus and. Here, the bus stop is doing this job for the user: A comforting spectacle of audio and light informs about the status of the buses.


Spore - Fostering human to plant relations by translating bio activity in sounds and melodies

A concept that gives a voice to plants in order to make their communication more accessible to humans, going beyond the daily watering routine. Spore explores ways of visualizing the activity, behaviour and communication of plants through sound.


Seam - Creating togetherness and connectedness between individuals with dementia and their loved ones

Product-service systems enabling the elderly and their loved-ones to remotely communicate with each other by creating a routine of exchanging memories through photos, videos and live video calls.