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Digital innovation designed to prevent online crime


Students at the Umeå Institute of Design have, in collaboration with the police and youths, developed four digital solutions that aim to fight online crime against children and young people.

"Criminal activity is gradually moving into the digital world. Children and young people growing up today are increasingly living their lives on the internet and via social media, while the police authorities traditionally have focused on a world revolving aound physical encounters," says John Forsberg, project manager at the Police Authority.

"Online crime against children and young people is increasing every year and there is a great need to focus on early crime prevention in the digital world".

The four design concepts 


Helps the police start conversations with teenagers through fun, interactive and informative material, which aims to educate, engage and build trust among young people and the adults around them about the digital environment by creating a habit of talking, asking and acting around online behaviour.

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With the acceleration of the digital age, online crime is becoming more common among young people. One of the reasons for this is the large gap between children's and parents' online behaviour. To help children and parents take responsibility online, "Blu" offers overview, guidance and insights into the family's digital behaviour.



A digital service that utilizes intelligent and humanized AI technology. The system enables preventive cyber security, allows intuitive crime reporting online and identifies digital hotspots. The AI hybrid "Ebba" guides and supports groups on social media against cybercrime before, during and after incidents.

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Many young people feel a lot of insecurity approaching the police today, especially around online incidents. There is a need for a buffer zone between young people and the police that enables a culture of trust and support - without having to be afraid of negative consequences.

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Responsible online activity 

The design project "Police Patrolling the Internet" is part of the international master's programme in interaction design at UID.

"We want to help today's parents to educate responsible internet users," says Kay van den Aker, an IxD1 student at UID.

The twelve students have worked in four project groups and come from Belgium, India, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Germany and Austria.

The project is part of a multi-year collaboration between the Police Authority (Police Region North and the National Operations Department), police training and Umeå Institute of Design.

"The international design students' unique approach to co-creation and systems thinking has really opened our eyes. The police authority needs to innovate change in order to cope with the transition towards an increasingly digital society. We have a lot to learn", says John Forsberg.