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Respiratory treatment today is a complex and demanding treatment for both patient and the family. Imagine if your child´s ability to develop and move around freely is restricted because the medical equipment available isn´t fully adapted for a child and its needs. My goal have been to create a solution that would give this freedom of movement.

Inspiration and Method

Doing a project where the end result could make a different in the users everyday life has been a great inspiration. In this project I have been working very much hands on. Prototyping and frequent testing have been crucial to be able to deliver a result that will work for the target group.


Ventum is a small portable respirator designed whit the user in mind. A change in technology have been introduced for producing the crucial airflow. By replacing todays turbines with piezoelectric micro pumps a significant decrease in size and weight has been possible. This let me create a respirator and carrying solution that would give freedom of movement that the child deserves.