The Future Boating Experience


Our environment is under a lot of stress, both on land and water is affected. Hypertrophication and emission of CO2 has a negative impact on our planet and the situation in the Baltic ocean is particularly alarming.
The marine industry has fallen behind when it comes to environmental technology for small and medium sized boats, 5 - 8 meters. In order to accelerate use and development of environmental friendly technology Greenland Hybrid has designed a hybrid drivetrain that consists of a clean electric motor and a combustion engine that guarantees range. A crucial part of the drivetrain is an intuitive control and display unit that, in a inuitive way supports the user to drive environmental friendly.
I will, in this degree project explore how marine controls for a hybrid drivetrain can be designed. I will focus on making the driver aware of the environmental impact caused by the combustion engine and promote the use of electric propulsion.

Inspiration and Method

An important part of my work has been to interview the next generation of boat owners in order to get a clear picture of what they want out of the product. Surveys and research have given me a deep understanding on how the future of leisure boating could look like and what is missing on the market today.
Through developing conceptual ideas and evaluating these using experienced and unexperienced boat users I have researched how to make an intuitive and simple interface through which the user controls the boat and the drivetrain. Deep research within areas like energy, technology and environmental impact has been an important foundation for my ideas and for the final result. Research and real life testing has played a major part in creating a product that in the end will simply leisure boating and lower our environmental foot print.


The new controls offers improved ergonomics, intuitive usage and precise control of both the electric and combustion engine. The control is designed to give the user a high quality experience and to educate the driver through the use of a display connected to an intelligent control unit.
The common goal has always been to make the user aware of the impact of her/his driving. The drivetrain is designed to promote electric propulsion in order to minimize the environmental foot print.
This report is a foundation for a design strategy and a way forward for further developing the hybrid drivetrain. The goal is to present a new and intuitive control unit concept that meets the expectations of a new generation of boat owners.