Digital Shaker


What is a digital shaker?
This project has focused on how to improve the visual and tactile experience of digital percussion instruments. The goal was to develop a digital version of the modern percussionists shaker, that appeals to the users not only with its functions and digital opportunities but as an instrument.

The process and development of the appeal of digital percussion can be applied on any digital instrument, though the result of this project is illustrated through a concept of a digital shaker.

Inspiration and Method

Aside from being a musician, the inspiration for this project is rooted in the insufficient products that currently figures on the market. Mutually for all the users that was consulted during the project, opinions was that current digital percussion feels toyish or/and spaceshipy.

As any project in user centered design, the direction of this project was determent by representatives from the user target group. Active professional percussionists was interviewed, observed in action and consulted for decisions through the process.


To give a good picture of how a digital percussion instrument is supposed to be designed, the project resulted in giving form to a digital shaker. The product is a modular system that meets the criteria set in the project research:

The personal bound between artist and artifact, the product needs to fit the image of the performer.

The object materials needs to give the impression of being rigid enough to be handled according to playing techniques.

The classic playing techniques for a certain instrument is needs to be preserved to allow artists of fully using their skill-set.