This is my degreework in Industrial Design on a bachelor level at the Umeå Institute of Design. The project has involved the development of a concept for charging cell phones in public places such as airports and train stations.

Imagine yourself in the scenario that you are at the airport, your flight is delayed, your cellphone has no juice, you forgot the charger to your phone at home and you are bad at remembering phone numbers. You should see the one you love when the flight lands, how do you accomplish this?

Taking use of a creative design process, I have managed to solve the problem for future users and meet the wishes of my partner.
The project was implemented in the spring semester 2013 and resulted in a full scale model, oral presentation, discussion, argument and report.

Inspiration and Method

How can I create a charging station for mobile phones and tablets that will satisfy the need of the user, does not affect the experience of a context negatively, is available for everyone, minimizes the cognitive load and maximize the feeling of trust and security?

I have during my project traveled around Sweden observing how people act and what they expect in the defined environment of trainstations and airports. I have made interviews, brainstorming sessions and surveys with different people to find out what is expected from such service and how people are using their cellphones. What I found out was that the service must fit in where most people are spending their time, it must be super easy and fast to charge, feel safe and both drag attention but not be disturbing. For the financial aspect of the service there must be as many advertisement spots as possible.


The final design of the kiosk consists of a modular system. The modules can be combined after how the environment where the kiosk is placed looks like. If there are many people passing and in need of charge you can adapt the combination to fullfill the needs, both the charging capacity and the advertisement possibilities.

I have made one standard model that is the cheapest combination of modules with advertisement spots. The red colour together with the shape drags attention but also fits in at most places. I left the colour choice pretty open, if one company wants to buy the whole machine for advertisemant they can also paint it in their own brand colour. The somewhat triangular shape helps for the unique character of the product, maximize charging possibilities, avoid traffic jams when crowded and makes it possible for more than one user at a time to charge.