Ock: A product for your personal safety


The experience of being in public places in major cities is different for many people. The places that feel uncomfortable and unsafe and where citizens are concerned about becoming victims of crime are not always the places where statistically the most crimes takes place.

Stockholm is one of the cities I've looked at. I have examined what places in the city that are experienced as safe or unsafe.

The risk of becoming a victim of crime in public places has increased as well as the incidences of violent crime in public places. These two areas account for 18% of crimes reported and include physical abuse and sexual offenses. I have had a closer look at how people experience their everyday security and how we can prevent or change the potential victim's behaviour and decisions.

Inspiration and Method

The methods used in this project are observation and analysis of locations experienced in different ways and interviews with people living in the city and traveling in public places. I have defined and reached different goals with my project. I have sketched, built and tested models on users to evaluate and improve my concept.

I have been inspired by materials and expressions that can provide a feeling of security, reliability, freedom and control. And worked with materials that can express these feelings.


A product for your personal safety. My work has led from to a product that is bound to a person and has the task to show relatives where you are and how you feel in order to quickly get in touch with someone if insecurity increases and enhance the experience of control and security. It resulted in wrist concepts that have a service connected to it in form of an application.