Digital Me

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Digital Me is a platform for parents, teachers, and any adult that considers him/herself as an educator or a role model of the digital natives. In it they can find tools to empower and support them when bringing up pre-teens that are about to start, or have already started the process of exploration in the search of self-identity.

Inspiration and Method

How is constant access to digital media affecting the process of identity exploration of children today? It comes natural for the digital natives to use technology, but do their business drive consider the impact their services might have in younger generations? What is there to empower a healthy exploration using digital technology? This are the questions that inspired me to pursue this area for my thesis topic.

I perceived the problem as one affected by different stakeholders from society. My target audience are the digital natives and their educators (parents and teachers), which I called "the influenced". The outsiders that can have an impact on the identity exploration, I called "the influencers". I used their feedback throughout my approach of the different steps of the design process.


Digital Me is created for adults. It aims to be informative with the right tone of voice, to provide the tools to empower their role of educators, to keep them inspired and motivated, and to give a basis for community where they can raise concerns and share learnings. The platform contains a series of tools for critical thinking, designed around two main principles: they should evolve with the digital natives; and they should tackle different aspects of identity search and technology. I focused my design efforts on one of the tools: Me & My World.

Me & My World is a tool designed for digital natives in the early stage of identity exploration. It is centered on the current, extended behavior of documenting our lives, but instead of doing it for the purpose of broadcasting personal lifestyles, it focuses in documenting for one-self. It does so in a curated process, supported by teachers by being part of the educational system, and by parents by encouraging discussions at home.