Lotus Firefly

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How many times have you been dreaming as a child that you run and after a few steps your body detaches off the ground and floats into the air?

Most of the leisure activities we cultivate today have deep roots into humankind`s history and are still confined to land. The history of hovering has been inspired by the great comic books sci-fi stories and was illustrated through Star Wars flying vehicles, which have been later translated into jetpacks and hovering bikes.

What if you would be stuck somewhere in the middle way between dream and reality? What if this vehicle would be at first available to you in a virtual platform, so that you could train to fly it, and when you would master the art or flying it, you could try the real experience?

Inspiration and Method

The biomechanical applied engineering of sky jumping describes at best how the human body balances while in the air. The person runs through all the motions implied in the use of this vehicle: take off, stance, weight shift, and preparation for landing.

A designer should always open nature`s inspiration box and use biomimicry as a platform. Insect flight, hovering, and form studies have been part of the background process.

The goals and wishes for this project: an intuitive way of controlling the vehicle, a safer and sustainable new way of transportation with the ability to blend into nature.

Finally, meeting the challenge to visualize Lotus`s philosophy of the driver becoming one with the car and determine where the human ends and where the machine begins.


Lotus Firefly is a light vehicle which has at its core extreme leisure activities and essays to place itself somewhere in the middle way between the high tech development and the roughness of nature.

The vehicle is controlled with the intuitive motions of the human body through arm kinetics and exoskeleton parts.

The adventure seeker is outfitted with a special suit which connects him/her to the ejector seat, equipped with emergency parachute and oxygen mask, capable of securing safe landing in hazardous situations.

The training starts on a virtual gaming platform provided by Lotus to a handful of people. The final upgrade to the 3rd level endows the player with an innate capacity to fly it in real life at a Lotus terminal.

Dare to meet the challenge in the real life!