Royal Enfield Pioneer


Owning and riding a motorcycle is not all about owning and riding, it is a lifestyle, it is a cult. For a lot of people this is very appealing. If we look at the statistics the number one reason why people doesn´t ride motorcycles is the safety issue. How can people be welcomed in to motorcycle society feeling safe? This motorcycle will let the rider feel safe and adapt to the riders skills. The motorcycle will act as an helping hand through the riders learning curve. It will learn the unexperienced rider how to ride, and take the experienced rider to the next level.

Inspiration and Method

Before i started this project i set up some goals.

Basic goals
- Explore the next generation of non combustion motorcycles
- Explore the limits of what we describe as a “motorcycle”
- Explore how the next coming materials and technology can evolve the motorcyle
- Taking the good from old values and blending them with positive modern thinking - New ways to define motorcycle riding
- Alternative ways to look at personalisation

Key attributes
- Contain the attributes of an motorcycle
- Have the ability to experience all the benefits of motorcycle driving
- Have the ability to generate and store some of its own energy
- Have seating for one person who will own and develop the vehicle
- Powered by an alternative power source to the combustion engine
- Have the ability to be personalized or tailored that is not currently available - Where relevant take inspiration from the “brand” motorcycles of the past
- Contain ways to help the owner bond with their vehicle


The final result is an motorcycle that has an sixth sense. By using self balancing technology and an autonomous mode it will let the unexperienced rider experience real motorcycle riding. By reversing this mode the motorcycle will work as an little devil on the shoulder of an experienced rider. The balancing technology will work as an effective course stability, grip and brake system. So this motorcycle is also about promoting motorcycle riding, always reaching new goals and continues evolving of yourself.