BMW i-3/60°

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Now and in the future we will consider more and more ecological aspects. The car industry already has a strong commitment to environmental care, but I have decided to investigate how we can go a step further. Imagine a car taking advantage of new and upcoming technologies to reduce its footprint. This vehicle will demonstrate a new method to mass produce cars by simplifying the workflow and reduce the amount of component. The main idea is to be energy efficient while you build it and drive it.

Inspiration and Method

My research and inspiration was focused on sustainable and futuristic ways to manufacture objects. I looked at various fields from biomimicry to additive manufacturing which include new smart materials.

A holistic approach involved rethinking the car itself by considering logistics and architecture. To do so, I analyzed today’s manufacturing methods and proposed a new workflow which incorporates a creative process from a designer's point of view.


The result is a show car which displays an innovative solution that aims to reduce CO2 emission all around. The platform’s design is stack-able to allow easy ship- ping to local factories. Once assembled, the platform is fully functional.The rest of the vehicle would be 3d printed.This technologie will allow to semi-customize component, in order to suit to the market and using lo- cal resources.
The challenge was to find a good balance between a realistic and believable solution together with a new and subtle shape language