Skoda Respir


My project revolves around an idea of implementing a new propulsion technology as a key design element.

Batteries have in many ways been a revolution for how we propulsion cars today. It’s one of the best, if not the best, alternative for future power sources in cars. The downside however, is the fact that it dies out after a given range, and as we have learned, a battery takes time to reload. Range anxiety is an issue and IBM is currently trying to solve just that. They will by 2030 launch a new type of battery that will more than double the energy density of some of the most cutting edge lithium ion batteries of today.

The IBM-solution for a new battery is called “Battery 500” and is an open system technology that uses common air as a reagent which upon recharge releases oxygen back to the environment. The battery would pull in and use oxygen in a similar way to how an internal combustion engine draws in oxygen.

Inspiration and Method

After researching on future mobility scenarios, I found that transportation in a future mobility environment demands high focus on sustainability, eco-friendliness, size and agility. Using Skoda as a brand, I choose a genuine rarity in motor sports, The Skoda 1100 OHC, to reinterpret and envision it for a near future using cutting edge battery technology.

The batteries needed to be placed as close to the middle and as low as possible in order to achieve a low centre of gravity. As a result of this, the main airflow needed to be accessed between the driver and the occupant. This is being done by shaping the bonnet as a downward sloping duct with “blades” on each side to interrupt and guide air through the mid air tunnel shaped by the seat structure, which captures and guide it down to the batteries and out through the rear end.

The airflow through the air tunnel reveals a beautiful ride through the vehicle, shaped almost like an instrument. What if this ride could effectuate a secondary function of sound as well? Air riding through the tunnel could be a nice possibility to fine-tune a custom tuned sound for the vehicle.


An early personal desire was to design an electric car based on the idea of an “agile 2 seater GT with a new electric identity” rather than an electrified existing vehicle. - A car designed around a new idea of how a battery functions rather than a car with an on-board battery pack.

The Skoda Respir is a concept for a near future where technology is playing a more important role. It’s not only implemented, but used to dictate and inspire the shape of a GT for 2020 without losing history and traditions.