Koenigsegg Prestera: Spirit of Performance


The core of this project was to challenge common preconceptions about performance of vehicles and define a relationship between man and machine that builds on mutual involvement as ONE equipage. Performance of the Prestera is defined by the experience of sensations when cooperating!

Extreme lightweight and smart use of technology aid this relationship and allow a more visceral driving experience that puts vehicle operation closer to our natural motion patterns, to trigger a symbiosis that disconnect from operating. The dynamics of carving and shifting weight balance, surfing on ground effect, refer in many ways to sensations of active sports. Actions that involve practice to be performed.

The sense of personal connection with the vehicle build stronger values of ownership. Enhancing the private vehicle. Prestera pilot the responsibility of a design pinnacle and showcase conscious long lasting ownership relations for a sustainable future.


Inspiration and Method

Inspiration came from observation of extreme sports and the obvious thrill of mobility. Where performance was experienced in its truest sense. Observations I made of automotive industry question the purpose of supercars. As the world grows more concerned, people get critical of products purpose. This triggered the vision to redefine what private vehicles will become in the future. The responsibility of the hypervehicle is to lead this redefinition!

During the initial phases of the project, criterias and attributes were explored with a visionary open mind. Working within the framework of a relationship to the vehicle, lead associations to relations to other animals. Giving the design character was the main source of inspiration for technology.

The design process followed a visionary conceptual layout, concerning an ideal scenario of use. The project became very hands on in creation and evaluation from ideation sketches, to clay sculpturing and full scale mock up sessions.


The Koenigsegg Prestera concept is a vision for how performance could be defined by the individual experience, rather than horsepower or laptimes. When interacting with the Prestera, it shows character and the achievement of performance is experienced in the connection between man and machine, similar to that of a rider and a horse.

It enhance the private vehicle experience with intuition based operation that use natural motions of mobility while giving the vehicle a mutual role of control. This allows the driver to experience deeper sensations without risk of accident.

Sustainable efficiency utilize a renewable energy source that continuously recharge compressed air, and low friction vehicle dynamics to increase efficiency. A radical and active vehicle architecture that promote innovation!

The vehicle architecture actively adapts to different situations and apply different technological principles for each mode. With this versatility, Prestera trials innovation that trickle down in common vehicles over time.