Scania Triton


It is the year 2030. Wildfires continue to increase in incidence and severity and it has become a necessity for most countries to have a fire-fighting force, exclusively trained and equipped for the tough job of combating wildfires.

Inspiration and Method


Like the messenger from the sea, the Scania Triton represents the powerful element of water in the middle of a raging wildfire. The Scania Triton is a fire truck especially designed to get fast to the scene, to extinguish the fire early on and to act as an important centre of the extensive communication surrounding wildfire fighting. The drone, integrated at the top of the vehicle, is an important collaborator that can be released to sweep the area and gather important data from the air. The high ground clearance provides agility in the rough terrain and the placement of sprinklers and water canons is thoughtfully done to maximize effectiveness. The in-wheel engines increase space for the interior or for storage of important tools or extra water and the boot lid is especially constructed to facilitate the access to necessary tools.

Triton is designed to express Scania’s brand values: Pride and Trust. It conveys the feeling of confidence, intelligence, strength and speed. The same characteristics that you wish for in the ideal fire fighter!