BMW Quart

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Nowadays, one of strong trends is globalization all over the world. That is not a surprising issue anymore and still going on. Furthermore, since many of people are gathering in cities to get jobs and live in convenience, the urban areas are growing wider and more crowded constantly. This fact automatically makes transportation usages and buildings increase. In this environment, the city offers some of public transportations and infrastructures to make citizen transport efficiently. But, lots of people are still driving by private cars despite rising fuel costs. So, traffic jam, lack of parking space and waste of resource are getting serious. If we look around a city, there are many drivers going to work alone by a big commuter. It is a crucial cause of these issues. It aims to create a suitable personal commuter for primarily single drivers, with fascinating look despite its compact size. That will catch the eyes of people, and then make them desire it.

Inspiration and Method

My research and inspiration was founded upon futuristic ways to express the brand identity of lightweightness and premium down-sizing. Despite the smaller size of the package, the identity of this BMW needs to express superior quality and comfortable space for users with innovative new technologies, such as active-wheels and electrochromic glass, etc. One of my objectives was to develop a fresh form language of BMW – tension of wires and surface – through traditional sketches, clay-modelling and 3d modelling. Close attention was given to interior packaging as well.


The result is a 1+1 urban commuter with bold aesthetics of future BMW identity. A desirable vehicle to respond to the needs of future market trends. The market has been shifting from large luxury segment to a more sensible and smaller segment which has less impact on the environment. A micro-commuter which breaks the stereotype of personal transportation, and evokes emotions from the general public. Functional solutions such as modular trunk and variable driving position layout further promote the flexibility of this vehicle.