Surgeon's Third Hand

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The biggest technical development within the field of
surgery is focused on minimal invasive procedures.
With new robot assisted solutions can the surgeons
work more precise with a great level of flexibility.
The work is nevertheless connected to a long set-up
time and big costs. This project, based on pure user
studies and in-depth surgery observations, discovers
a possibility to, in a cost efficient way, offer robot
benefits to an open surgery scenario. With a minimal
effort can the surgeon merge the suggested product
concept into their regular workflow and enhance the
stability in their movements, get improved vision and
aid in holding tissue in static positions.

Inspiration and Method

This project is based on design opportunities and insights discovered when following surgeons in their daily work, observing different kinds of operations and interviewing experts. Concepts and ideas were continuously evaluated and developed together with surgeons.


EMPOWER YOUR SURGERY. Bring advantages of robotics to open surgery scenarios. Achieve smooth shake-free hand movements, get assistance in static positions and see a high resolution image of the operation area. Always there to empower you as a surgeon.