Jacques. Your underwater camera companion.

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Scuba diving is a special experience where we enter a new world with new surroundings, new animals and a new way of movement. It is an experience most of us want to save, re-experience and share with others. But what implications does it have on our diving expereince if we also have to focus on documenting it?

Less experinced diver´s already have a lot of cognative load to handle when diving. Controlling the buoyancy, check the equipment, depth, etc. Also focusing on documenting the dive will interfer with the experience. It also makes diver´s lose awareness of their surroundings and becoming less safe diver´s.

This project explored and offered a way for diver´s to document their diving experience while still being fully immersed in their diving experience by having the documentation done by an underwater camera drone. Not only creating valueble footage where the user´s is in their own movie but also creating a better and safer diving experience.

Inspiration and Method

The starting point of this project was to interview diver´s with various experience in diving and in underwater photograpghy to get an insight of the context, situations and the needs. The main challenge was to design something where the main experience should not be on the product but the diving. The interaction with the product should be minimized while the product should still offer multiple functions and be versatile.

It was also important to create a product expression that took a step away from the way drones are preceived today. For people that are not involved in the tech-community drones is usually something connected to the military and surveillance. This product had to express a friendlier emotion and be experienced more as an companion than a mindless drone.


JACQUES is a product that enables the diver´s to document their dive as an memory to re-experince later and share with others while still keeping the diver´s immersed in their diving experience. Jacques is aimed for less expereinced diver´s and is a service that the diver´s can rent together with the diving equipment from the diving centre.

With relatively simple technology such as sonar and video object recognition Jacques can film the diver´s underwater adventure and adept to the diver´s behaviour without the diver´s even noticing it.