Adaptive Running Apparel


Modern training apparel is based on a principle of three layers, each with a specific function.

With the main objective of regulating the microclimate close to the body. While being effective it provides a static function of isolation or ventilation without taking the changes in context or user into consideration.

Clothing does not generate heat or body heat, it handles insulation, and takes care of the heat generated by the body.

My result is a jacket, with variable user controlled insulation, where it matters. Designed to fit varying needs and makes a perfect fit within the three layer principle, being a combination of layer one and two it’s still functional and user friendly reinforced with an outer shell.

As an extension of the neutral temperature regulating systems of the body, with air as it’s only additive it makes a perfect companion during a run.

Inspiration and Method

The spine trough my work have been the sensation of running, analyzing the way people consume, wear and percieve running apparel along with physiological studies. During the project I got to participate in testing of running apparel, comparing fit, materials and cutting and to see how it affects warmth and isolating properties.


My result is a jacket designed to meet the flexibility and demands of modern runners, with inherited and combined functions anticipated in modern threelayer based garments.

Putting runners in focus, functionality has been raised, introducing flexibility and replacing static functions. Letting the user control the insulating properties of the jacket during the course of a run.

By using body heat, air and simple controls the insulation is regulated to meet changing conditions and body properties. Strategically placed insulation regulates temperature which further on is transported by the blood troughout the body.