Sound Fence

Watch this on Vimeo!Johan Wennebjörk Turdell


To fence in pastures for sheep today is a major cost, especially because of the time required when using current methods. What takes most time is starting to fence off a new area, but to maintain a fence is also a continuous effort. The main function is to keep the sheep at the field.

Inspiration and Method

By interviewing and observing sheep farmers on how they work with fence today and what their problems was, I got a better understanding of the problem. Also looking at a number of other things like the context, statistics on sheep farming, laws and competition mapping gave a wider image. But the most important part in my research occurred when I talked to experts about sheep behavior. The main characteristic is the flocking behavior which the final result is based on.


By stressing a sheep with a sound as it is on its way out of the given area the sheep will, cos of flocking behavior, stop and move back to the other sheep.