Capillary Blood Testing at Home


Today’s research in medical technology opens up opportunities
for cheap and easy analysis of capillary blood
samples. This has led to a debate in our society about the
role of home diagnostics in the future healthcare system.
While there are big personal and organisational profits to
be made, there are still concerns voiced by both patients
and healthcare personnel regarding the safety and validity
of such a solution.

Inspiration and Method

The focus of this project has been to explore situations in
which a capillary blood test could be valuable for private
use and to meet the required conditions for achieving
safe capillary blood sampling in these situations. The
goal was to create a concept that allows the user to get a
greater insight into their own health, enabling them to play
a more active role in their own life.


The end result is a product concept that allows the user
to execute safe and reliable blood tests at home and to
monitor measurement change over time.