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“Humans are not ready for what humanity has created.”
By 2020, chronic diseases will account for almost three-quarters of all deaths worldwide. This is a result of malnutrition in today’s food environment.

The food industry takes advantage of predisposed human preferences for sugar, salt, and fat. This creates the necessity for individual willpower and habit control and leads to decision fatigue of healthy food choices in our already busy lives. The critical issue is that we as humans are not biologically ready for what is offered to us today.

Situated between nutrition science and human psychology, this project aims to critique the food industry and our interactions with food by reflecting on human weaknesses and habits. A combination of human centered design and critical design allows to address this issue through through communicating the needs of what might has to happen and how if our behaviour and environment does not change.

This project is meant to create a critical reflection around our personal relationship to our own body which may lead to an individual awareness of our own food relationship.

How might we enable humans to catch up with the food environment today?

Inspiration and Method

This project represents a hybrid between human centered design and critical design. The research was conducted with nutrition scientists as well as athletes to gain insight on individual eating habits and an understanding of nutrition from a user group that is familiar with the topic area.

To address the bigger issue of the mismatch between our biological evolution and human emotional desires, the merged methodology allowed to create a concept that aims to provoke rather than presenting a solution to the problem. Since the idea of understanding nutrients is rather intangible and vague to most people the goal was to make it relevant and relatable for the audience. The project is set to create a starting point for people to seek for reflection and discussion around individual food behaviour in the world we live in today.


Orgument is a proposal for enhancing human abilities by combining quantified self and artificial intelligence. In 2024 nano technology allows us to pull data about our bodies in real time updates. The organ bots draw their health status from the direct data on the organ and learn from the human emotions to understand the irrational food decisions we are making today. A platform allows the organs to talk to each other without softening their words.

This symbiotic relationship between humans and their organs is meant to provoke peoples thoughts on their own health and how much our eating decisions influence our well being. Giving our organs a voice enables the idea of giving them power. The orgument bot upgrade amplifies the existing relationship between our body and mind.

What would your organ say?