Promoting Local Tourism


The aim of this project was to look at how to make the North of Sweden more service minded with the help of a system or a service. And by making the region more connected make the users perceive it more like one destination. A long-term goal is to increase the perceived value of North Sweden and its wilderness by
making it more visible and accessible for locals as well as tourists. It is also about time to discuss the potential value of Europes last wilderness from a touristic perspective now when there is a mining boom in Sweden.

And last of all it’s time to start questioning if we really have to take all these flights abroad to be able to have a nice vacation?

Inspiration and Method

A holistic approach was chosen for the project, and a combination of service -, interaction- and destination design thinking was applied to the quite big area like the North of Sweden is. Needs and opportunities where viewed from three perspectives: users, service carriers and the regions. The user needs and the user journey was the main focus. The other perspectives were still of interest, since they play an important role in this kind of system or service where problems do often overlap at some part. Later was a decision made to make a design solution with a focus at the first part of the customer journey; the drive, inspiration, planning and booking part. A lot of wire frames where made to try out different possible scenarios, and after that where a few steps selected to represent the final concept.


The outcome of the project was a combination of design strategy ideas, a business model canvas and screen shots of a common platform for different kinds of service apps. Where the core of the concept is in the business model and the service apps where each
of them are optimized for helping the user to find very relevant information about different destinations. The platform also supplies the user with GIS-tools that helps the user to select specific geographical areas to search for activities, helps the user to see how different activities are geographically positioned, and helps the user to find different transportation options for how to travel in between. The business model is made so that different service carriers need to collaborate more, and so that also the really small and genuine destinations/ services can be found by locals or by visitors.

Young women was pin pointed as a interesting target since they today don’t spend as much time on Adventurous outdoor activities as men, but have a high influence on their closest social circles, and especially when looking at it from the perspective of a entire lifespan. The low interest for this kind of activities might be a consequence of social constructions.