Foretell — Bringing gut-feeling back to farmers

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In the transition from having a family driven farm to becoming an entrepreneur, the farmer today has a greater need to supervise the production and control over external conditions. In addition there are regulations for having an organic farm and increasing demand for organic products. Today's farmers instinct and Fingerspitzengefühl comes from a "learning by doing". Future farmers need to leap the stage an more quickly become "experts". The proposed system Foretell has been created after research and user studies.

Foretell brings the "gut felling" back into farming. The system connects the data available today and displays it where it's needed and when it's suitable. The mobile application shows information on-the-go while the desktop version gives the user better planning tools. A new precision farming input is added in form of a near-infrared camera that detects tha plants health.

Inspiration and Method