Precision Medicine: The Future of Data Driven Healthcare

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Kolla Hälsa is a vision for how genomic and quantified self data might be integrated in the Swedish public healthcare system. The concept focuses on preventive health care and enabling people to be more responsible and aware of their own their health. The inspiration for the project topic came from the technological advances in genomics medicine, the rise of consumer driven healthcare and digital health tools. A user-centered process was a central part of the process, in order to understanding people’s health needs.

Inspiration and Method

The focus of this thesis has been driven by the desire for a user-centered design process and to discover the needs and desires of people’s health, especially how it relates to the rise of genomic data and the precision model of medicine. Ethnographic research has been conducted with people in the different Scandinavian countries, hearing their health stories first hand, both in relation to genomic data, quantified self data and overall health. Commonly used service design methods such as customer journey mappings, blueprinting and business model mapping have played a large role in shaping the experience of the concept.


Kolla Hälsa is a preventive healthcare plan which provides proactive health guidance. Most chronic conditions such as obesity, breast cancer, diabetes, lung cancer can be prevented if discovered early in life and acted upon.

A kit is mailed to the user’s home, where a saliva sample is taken and mailed back to a lab for genomic analysis.

In a video call with a health coach, actions that can reduce and/or prevent the likelihood of predisposed health conditions are suggested. The health coach helps the user create achievable short term actionable steps and a longer term health plan, with a primary focus on preventive actions.

A mobile application provides subtle cues to trigger actions, while the health coach provides feedback to reinforce positive behaviours.