Frisk: Showcasing Design Opportunities in a World of Change


Three global trends are about to greatly influence the world we live in; collaborate consumption, a strong environmental awareness and a third industrial revolution that includes 3D printing, advanced robotics and open source software. This project is addressing these changes in order to evoke new enthusiasm for cars among the general public and again be a creative and positive driving force in our modern society.
The proposal is illustrated through a halo car for a local car sharing fleet targeted at the Norwegian market. The car seeks to create immediate attention through dynamic design elements as well as long lasting enthusiasm through non-compromised usability.

Inspiration and Method

My main visual inspiration was found in the norwegian culture, represented by both traditional tools, new design objects and the distinctions in nature. Beautiful functionality, smart rationality and the contrasting properties between soft and hard, cold and warm are keywords that describes the design intention. The aim was to make a car that utilizes dynamic design elements in order to make it appear different with changing locations and throughout seasons. By getting inspiration from the the norwegian culture and nature I wanted to make a car that was contextual and in harmony with its surroundings.

After gathering the information and inspiration I needed I started the visual exploration by making 2D collages out of pictures I found inspiring and dynamic. This collages was the foundation for the sketch phase and throughout the sketch development I used them as references to guide the design.


The result is «Frisk», a flagship car for a Norwegian car sharing program. Its a new type of off-road car designed for driving in complex terrain without doing any significant impact to the nature or being a source of annoyance to animals. The wheels are inspired by the constructions of snowshoes and a rubber padding is stretched around the tweel wheel.

The car itself is divided into two distinct parts; an Easy exchangeable top part made out of electro-chromatic fabric mounted on a tubular frame, and an exposed 3D printed frame aided by computer softwares to optimize the relation between weight and strength,

Frisk is allowing users to interact with the car in new ways, not common in the cars of today. The users can for example enjoy the ride sitting on the roof while the car is driving in autonomous mode.