Camatte Legacy


This thesis explores the notion of value, and how it affects the emotional and physical qualities of a product. We have the ability to create products that last a lifetime, however the difficulty lies in creating products that we ‘want’ to keep for a lifetime.

The premise for the brief was to design ‘Emotionally durable’ vehicle. The idea (adapted from Donald Normans, ‘Emotional Framework’) was to break down the emotional experience into three categories - the Visceral (aesthetics, the appearance), the behavioural (user experience), and the Reflective (product/user perception).

The result is a fun tandem, electric hobby vehicle designed to foster and grow the relationship between the parent, child and car. The primary concept is for the parent to pass on the vehicle to the child when the time comes through a series of ‘test/task’ designed into the vehicle. The form is simple, and easily recognizable, with complete part modularity to allow customisation of aesthetics and drive-train technology, allowing the vehicle to stay up to date and on trend.

Inspiration and Method