“A concept vehicle that offers new sensation to have fun.”
The concept vehicle is developed to give more people the chance to find out the fun while moving. It is easy to ride and offers new sensation to have fun. What if riders engage themselves in commuting and creating a easy, quick and fun to ride vehicle by expressing themselves to the utmost extent?
The inspiration was taken from URBAN sports as majority of us want to experience a sport that is geared up with some fun and excitement. Urban sports offer us both. The sports and the games that are linked with it are trendy and many people want to try it at least once.
My overall approach was to create a vehicle that would be an individualistic expression where I could bring out the artist in the user where he gets involved with the product. It is a showcase of my work in my artistic expression. A new dimension of engaging the user also in the creation of the dream vehicle. A vehicle that explores the limits of what is technically feasible in terms of design, lightweight construction, networking and electric mobility.

Inspiration and Method

During my time in Europe, I noticed a very trendy and smart way of commuting. Young employees and students regardless of sex, from age group of 19 to 25 used skate boards, push scooters and BMX to work. It was fun to see these people zooming in , having fun playing around on those busy boring streets. Watching them somehow got a smile to people passing by. Even if they had the same suit on yet they stood out from the crowd. This is what triggered my thought.
Why these people stood out? What is this sport? Why is it spreading rapidly? The word fun is mostly associated with urban sports. It helps people to relax, by being a buffer against stress. Thus I experimented with Urban sports and developed a concept that takes riding to a next level of having an new essence of fun.
I did a in-depth study on few urban sports like Freestyle motocross, BMX, Parkour and skateboarding. Tried to understand the core of the sports and why its so simple yet fun.
Simple collage of the products used in these sports gave me an idea how to move on with it. A lot of sketching and fine tuning the proportions i reached to a sketch which solved all the queries i had to solve. Later detailing and a proper motorcycle design approach was taken to reach to a final believable product. All the basic like sketching to photoshoping to 3d softwares like alias and maya were used the most.


After weeks of research, writing, mailing, sketching, traveling, 3D-modelling and model building, I am happy to see that it all came together in the end. I finally found a brief and a topic that have relevance in todays, and the near future, of transportation design. Without a good foundation I kept inspiration and motivation alive to carry out this result. I followed a typical motorcycle design industry approach to reach my goal.
Now, when the full scale model and full scale print out is ready , it’s fun to look back and see the motivation and spirit i started with and maintained till the final result. The project has been reflection of my work experience and internship experiences. I have learned a lot about myself during this project, especially regarding time planning, schedules and decision taking. I stretched out from my comfort zone and pushed myself to get the best never seen yet.It was a fun ride these 8 months and i enjoyed every bit of it. I started with the word fun and ended it with fun.
I have a believable design which i personal feel i can build it and make it work on real. It does defy all the rules of riding and thus i named it Husqvarna Dfi.