Google Bespoke!


In my master thesis, I decided to focus on process of design. Nowadays, there is huge difference between the process of software design and hardware design due to technological problem. Software design development has more flexibility than hardware design development. In addition, it can be adjustable for each user and can involve user in design process. In the future, some of technology, such as 3D printer, modifiable material, and so on, will enable hardware designer to use software design process to design hardware. The process can make better relation between user and product.
In this thesis, I used real user to simulate the future process. I did a lot of interview to the user and involve him to design process. I used current technology to interact with user as much as possible, for example, I used 3D scanner to scan his body data to make perfect size reference for his vehicle. In the end, I could design something unexpected in good way thanks to collaboration with the user. It was also unexpected for him, but he was satisfied with the result so much. I believe this process has a lot of potential to make better relation and story between user and product.

Inspiration and Method

There are mainly 2 different inspiration for this thesis projects. One is related to software and another is related user. And the most important inspiration was something unexpected stuff which happened between me and user while we were talking about this projects and I tried to involve him to design process.
I used several new method to design the vehicle since I focused on process of design in this master thesis. I used 3D canner to get user’s body data and several abstract body data from him. At the same time, I collected 3D data which is his favorite products and so on. And then I made 3D collage to do 1st ideation. While I’m developing ideas, I did several interview to him and involve him to design process. For example, I asked him to sketch over my sketches to know his preference and what he needs. The process is real interaction between users and what is my aim is to make him feel he is also designing the vehicle to make good sorry between him and the vehicle.


Through this master thesis projects, I tried a lot of new things for me. It was challenging, sometimes fun and sometimes stressed. There were bunch of unexpected factors, so I needed to figure out and communicate with them. I couldn’t guess what kind of vehicle I’ll design in the beginning of this thesis because I had to reflect user’s opinion to vehicle I’ll design. To be honest, I hoped my user says he wants super-small personal vehicle since I personally like small type of vehicle. But it didn’t happen. From certain period, I tried to enjoy that unexpected and uncontrollable factors . And then I noticed this kind of communication is really fun and have potential to give me another world which I don’t have. Of course, there are still a lot of disadvantages and unstable factors in this process. But at least I could feel it has potential.