Audi Rebel: an aesthetically efficient concept car


Nowadays, the use of Internet and smart technology on a daily basis became a way of living that changed the way people think, play, shop, spend free time etc.

Having many choices and greater access to a large online information pool, one became diligent researchers, always considering what a good investment is. Since many products offer almost the same functional benefits, an aesthetic differentiation decision is strong. Due to a variety of innovative electronic devices, grew the need for devices with designs that are both simple and interactive.

In this context, sporty car brands confront a new challenge: how to express sporty attitude in a simple, clean design language?

My objective is to express Audi’s sporty heritage through an exterior design that achieves maximum of aesthetic by using minimum amount of elements. An aesthetic efficient design that will appeal to Generation Z through minimalism, beautiful proportions and balance.

Inspiration and Method

I started the research with art as a form of understanding the World around us. The vision of modern Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși inspired me to search for the essence of things, to follow and catch a flash of movement - the sporty spirit of Audi.

Minimalism followed - a stage where no one can remove anything further to improve the design. Still, for being aesthetic efficient, my design had to be beautiful. This led me to study aestheticism with its harmony, symmetry and balance.

Audi racing heritage (1938 Auto Union Type D racing car and 1939 Auto Union Type D Grand Prix racing car) inspired me to explore a more organic design. Technology and material innovation was an important area where I was inspired by electrochromic glass, swarm oled lightning etc.

I reached my objective through experimental exploration, traditional sketches, clay and 3D modeling and physical ¼ scale model.


Audi Rebel - a next gen E-tron concept car with a sporty aesthetic efficient design language. A desirable vehicle that appeals to Generation Z - the rebels with a cause, according to Forbes Magazine.

The exterior design breaks the stereotype of sportive vehicle design with an aesthetic efficient one, balanced and clean, with an artistic sculptural look.

It expresses a high level of tension through the beautiful contrast created by the tangled organic and geometric volumes. It has a sporty attitude and inspires controlled energy with its dynamic greenhouse that continues under the geometric body shell, just to be surprisingly revealed in front and in rear end in a mysterious and powerful way.

This is Rebel. Audi Rebel.