Sensory substitution: A non-invasive technique for circumventing hearing loss


Hearing loss causes severe disability for about 124 million people.
The term hearing loss, or hearing impairment is often viewed negatively as it emphasizes what people cannot do… This misconception seems to be also carried by our approach in terms of hearing aids. Even though there is no real alternative to Cochlear Implant for severe hearing loss, members of the Deaf community often see it as an attempt to cure Deafness rather than a solution respecting differences. Heavy surgery, long rehabilitation, expensive procedure and stigmatisation are serious limitation regarding success of the cochlear implant, as it is often perceived by the Deaf community as an expensive price to pay in order to simply connect to the Hearing’s world.

Does forcing what people had lost, or never had, is the best way to facilitate the dialogue between the Deaf and Hearing community?


Our brain is blind....