Future Assembly - AURES

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The world is constantly changing and workers are forced to adapt to a pace that is more suitable for machines. In the Automotive Industry assembly line workers injuries keeps increasing despite major improvements in recent years. This is due to the cause that the marked demands more goods but to a lower cost.

With this in mind, how can we create an aid for assembly line workers that could decrease repetitive strain injuries, facilitate flexibility and reduce the weight load on the workers joints? In this project I have explored the possibility to create new and intelligent aids for the assembly lines with great focus the human body and ergonomics.

Inspiration and Method

As the industry goes towards a more automatic workflow workers needs to adapt to new production paces. Human workers are very flexible and the industry still needs them because their ability to learn and jump between different tasks.

Repetitive strain injuries is a huge problem and has not decreased the last 20 years. It is caused mostly by handling heavy tools several times during a workday. Sometimes the tools can weight 5-10 kilograms and be a part of hourly routines. So how can we improve the work environment for assembly line workers?


AURES is an intelligent robotic arm that supports the assembly line worker with hand held tools. It knows where the workers are and surrounding objects with its motion traction sensor that constantly scans the room. The arm follows the workers arm movements so that the weight on the workers joints is as little as possible. Instead of carrying several kilograms the arm reduces the weight to only a few hundred grams in resistance.

The arm is designed to work close to humans, to be perceived as an friendly ergonomic tool but at the same time look industrial. It has a grip that holds tools such as nut runners and screw drivers and creates a safer environment by moving the tools to safer spots when not needed.