Urbanic Kit


Urban farming is a way to create a connection between people and the eco system. The Directory theory is describing that the more distanced we are from the land on which food is produced, the more we shape our everyday lives and food intake by unsustainable structures. 

With this in mind how might the future of urban farming become more accessible and change peoples view on food production? BOTANIQ is a start kit for urban farming, made to engage and enlighten people of all ages on how to grow their own food.

Inspiration and Method

This concept is based on field studies, questionnaires, and quantitative interviews combined with scientific studies of indoor farming, regarding lights, growing techniques, water and nutrition. The collected data was showing that people had a big interest of farming in general but they did not feel like they had the knowledge and time needed.

The user group were my inspiration and foundation throughout the whole concept in order to create something true, something that people would want and that was affordable. Therefore this concept has some technological parts in order to create a micro climate to grow food in all year round but more importantly it is an intuitive farm for both rookies and experts optimized to grow herbs and vegetables.


The final result BOTANIQ is a start kit for people to learn how to grow their own food. By using a hydroponic system, water based, to provide the plant with an even amount and water as well as giving feedback to the user when water or nutrition has to be refilled. This concept will decrease both time and effort to keep your herbs and vegetables alive. 

The solution has a bottom container with an amount of 4,5 liters which means that it would provide water for the plant for up to two weeks. By using a micro climate shell with solar cells BOTANIQ will preserve the optimal air and light conditions for the plants. Through using sensors as well as a battery to store power from the solar cells this farm is developed to grow food all year round. LED-plant lights are used to provide the plant with the light needed during winter as well as rainy summer days.

So this concept is an introduction towards farming in order to inspire and assist people on how to grow food in a smaller scale. This might as well plant a seed for people to expand their farming further on and increase urban farming in general. BOTANIQ is supposed to open peoples eyes on food production of today and give them an opportunity to change their view on food and food production.