Smart food storage


Approximatively 1,2 billion tons of food is being thrown away or spoiled annually in Sweden. 770 000 tons of the waste comes from households. This contributes to a lot of negative consequences for the environment such as CO2 emissions, over fertilization and it generally drains our resources. The hardest part is that we don’t realize how much food we’re actually wasting.

My solution is Smart food storage. It is a concept that helps you remember your food and helps you store it correctly in the best optimized temperature. The fridge sets the temperature automatically depending of what groceries you buy. Together with the application this concept helps you plan your purchases, gives you an overview of your groceries and optimizes the temperature for optimal taste and texture of your food.

Inspiration and Method

This project have been focusing on how we can reduce food waste in our homes. How can we make a ordinary task such as grocery shopping or cooking into a act of awareness on how we treat or food.
I investigated our thoughts about food and how to handle food both from a users perspective and the foods perspective. I asked myself the question how can we spread the knowledge of the problem and how to store food. My goal is to in the long run, change the way we think and our behavior in the kitchen so that we stop spoiling food.

To get to the final result I send out surveys and held workshops where the participants got to brainstorm around a couple of questions. This was later inspiration in my own process of brainstorming and sketching.


The final result is the smart food storage concept. It is a concept that helps you remember your food and to store it correctly. The fridge sets the temperature automatic depending of what groceries you buy. By connecting the fridge to the application you can get tips on recipes, see what groceries you have at home and easily be able to control the temperature and frosting in the doors. This adds the versatility of a smart product connected to the internet of things. The smart food storage is not a regular kitchen appliance but a piece of furniture with a new function. It is a concept that allows for a new way of thinking when it comes to food. To display the groceries will make us more aware of how we treat it. The transparent doors motivate us to use the food we have before we buy new.