The Danger of Field Welding

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Welding is today seen as one of the most dangerous professions on earth, mostly because of the toxic fumes. These fumes can lead to a variety of diseases and in worst case death. Now imagine this problem when you're working at different places everyday and you can't always bring the equipment needed to protect your health since they're either to big or doesn't have enough capacity. This is a problem which welders that work at temporary workplaces have to face everyday.

With this project I've looked into this problem and come up with a product that makes the temporary workplaces safer and at the same time keeps an efficient workflow.

Inspiration and Method

In this project I've had a close contact with both collaboration partners and end users. By listening to the users thoughts and feedback I've been able to provide a very trustworthy final result. Except from this I've been having a workshop at school to get the other students involved with their ideas and perspectives.

My collaboration partner has in first hand been ESAB. Their company is one of the world's leading manufacturer of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting. Since I worked with them a big part of the project was focused on branding and finding the next step for the ESAB design language.

My second hand collaboration partner has been FUMEX, they are are Scandinavian specialists when it comes to extractors, fans and filters. From their side I got a lot of technical support, which made my end product quite realistic for a consumer market.


The final result contains a new extractor with a small interface and a smarter trolley.

The extractor is the focal point of the project. It's small with high capacity, which will actually protect the welders health in the long run. The extractor is also equipped with a smaller interface, this interface will give feedback to the user when it's time to change the filters, this to make the workplace safer and more efficient.

The trolley is designed especially for welders that work at temporary workplaces. Due to the size it's easy to fit both weld and extractor, then there's even some space left for other equipment needed. The trolley makes the whole experience more efficient for the welders since it makes it easy to bring everything you need no matter the situation.