Superbleeper: the music of math

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Superbleeper is an electronic music instrument that is played using math concepts. It invites 3-6 year old children to play with the math they have to understand according to the Swedish curriculum. This math foundation for the youngest kids is about measurement, shape, patterns, time, change, quantity, set and order.
The tests carried out with children in different contexts show that electronic music can be a way to embody and enjoy the use of math concepts in a creative way.

Inspiration and Method

Companies and organizations are going through a deep process of digitalization. Superbleeper poses a question about how should this process take place in the education system.
At the same time, is a proposal of playful math facing the lack of interest of our students in this subject. The decline in the performance of ur students in international tests needs to be addressed in a creative and enjoyable experience. Superbleeper idea of learning is based on situated learning and embodied cognition.
The methods used range from design ethnography to participatory design working with kids (all ages) in both cases. Interviews, ideation workshops and tests have been our work together.


Tests have been performed with more than 12 children between 4 and 6 years old in three different contexts:
-home/private environment
-preschool with educator assistance
-preschool without any assistance
Almost all the tests show children talking about numbers and shapes. Most children make connections between the size and the shape of the block and the sound and the lights on the box.
Some children were able to anticipate the number of lights that were going to light up before placing the block of wood.