Self-driving vehicles offer the promise of significant benefits to in the near future and also new challenges. The commercial long haul truck interior is one of the toughest and extreme driver environments. Besides the solitude, ergonomic difficulties and long working hours, the truck interior is a complex architecture and tough requirements to full fill.
As advanced automation technologies are introduced, the role of the driver changes from “driving” to “supervising”.
By exploring the idea within autonomous vehicle interiors, visualizing with 2D and 3D methods, user design research the concept was created for a future aspiration autonomous truck interior.
The final result is a semi autonomous truck interior that is suited for a new type of future driver. The interior is focused on the user needs and tasks such as; autonomous management of logistics, operating routes with other truck drivers and units, enjoying spare time while not driving and also the possibility to actively taking over the control manually in case of emergency.
Scania Switch is a new truck architecture, with a vision for a future, shifting towards a new way of logistics that is much more efficient and smart. The concept is based on the knowledge of a flexible future that is facing the automotive industry with reducing ergonomic impact for the drivers and improving it further through the flexibility to switch between modes.