What if future transportation is designed by music?
Mercedes-Benz Symphony describes a vision for Mercedes-Benz Design inspired by music. The inspirational and experimental nature of the project serves the purpose of inspiring people and creating a connection between Music and Automotive Design.
Placing the focus on the creative process of experimentation with the transition from an audible to visual experience the observer is introduced to a fabulous journey of design perception. The result of this research is illustrated by an automotive form study following this design philosophy.
The complexity of the front of the car visualises the introductory beginning of a musical piece with various instruments, rhythmical patterns and melodies. The side is kept solid and sculptural as a song progresses it will be experienced as an exciting whole. The rear end represents the conclusive statement, with quotations from previous elements. The vehicle itself becomes a musical piece.

Inspiration and Method

Having a methodology to make music visible the term of a "design palette crafted by music" was formed.
This would include inspiration on how music is perceived by people, how they react to it, how they play their instruments, how technology can visualize music and many more. In order to do so many experiments were conducted to create visual material which then later could be composed to a automotive form like a musical piece. Experiments included asking people to draw or paint according to music, playing piano on top of aluminum foil, playing the flute while being motion tracked, analyzing the movements of a conductor, scripting a program to allow audio input creating 3d geometry from any song, or even playing the piano blindfolded with copic markers.
All these experiments where then used as springboard for the design process.
Some of the original material founds it's way directly to the final result whereas others where altered through new arrangements or sketching.


Symphony follows the rules of music composing the elements from the musical design palette in order to create a memorable and positive experience for the observer. It's musical surfaces will lead the audience around the car creating the perception of a holistic musical car installation.
The linear light design establishes the melodic character of a song, being the striking element and connecting the front, side and rear section of the vehicle.
Keeping the bumper, diffusor and sill area similar in terms of its connecting attributes but less prominent it becomes the harmonic feature establishing the base of the car. The three-dimensional treatment in front and back is adding to the concept of harmony, giving the impression of overlaying elements.
Having the 3d patterned hood visualizes the rhythm of song.
The "x" on the hood brings in the direct connection to the visual material from the design palette. It's untypical automotive execution resembles the element of surprise unique to every song making it a memorable experience.