ASEAN Future Mobility

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Southeast Asia consumers face hot weather and high humidity throughout the year. The cars currently sold there are not compatible with such environment. Climate change is creating even more challenges for mobility in the region. Traditional architecture and modern technology heavily influenced my design process. Vehicle dimensions were defined by observing the market behavior. The goal became to design a compact SUV that was aesthetically authentic, and that could handle the harsh tropical climate in a more sustainable way. A special cooling system informs the design of both exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Inspiration and Method

During my design and development process, the whole concept mainly inspired by the architecture of traditional Minangkabau house and Malay bullock cart. Both symbolism which significantly located on the roof are look curvy to the sky and its related to the spiritual element in the heritage and ancient culture for this region. Moreover, I was so amazed by the traditional Thai house that able to balance the temperature in the warm climate by implemented the efficient functionality on the material usage, consideration on the air flow and high ground condition. In the method to achieve a desire result, I arranged my schedule by working on the idea development, build a clay mock- up, created a 3D digital model, clay modelling, painting process and finishing on details.


Looking back at my project in the whole process from research analysis until the final stage, I was very satisfied when I successfully achieve towards ASEAN ambition in the future. By this platform, I able to contribute my thought in the future mobility in the southeast Asia region which adapted to the warm climate throughout the year. Furthermore, I also envisage an efficient solution by extracting a water from humidity air to be a passive cooling system inside the cabin and also for society usage. Last but not least, I had succeed to promote the invaluable heritage which inspired by traditional architecture, ancient transportation and cultural dance. Gemilang Concept is not only a solution, but it is reflected on the future lifestyle in the ASEAN region.