Quantum Levitate


With the European Union goals which will drastically reduce road vehicles emission by 2050, Quantum levitate is a dream, where efficiency lies within the vehicle but also within the transportation system and the new electrical power lines. It closes the gap between trucks and maglev trains but allows the infrastructure to be used by any type of vehicles on the roads.

The next generation of road infrastructure will have to allow for longer journeys without long stops to charge the vehicles. Combining the next generation of electric superconductive power lines with solar panel roads and quantum magnetic lanes, allows for a system with minimum rolling resistance of the vehicles and allows for induction charging at the same time.

The process of the project has been accomplished with help of research, brand analysis, sketching, clay modelling, animation, digital aerodynamics as well as digital and physical models for form analyses, in order to develop, explore and explain this project idea.

The truck is designed to work both on today´s road infrastructure but also for the future quantum lanes. The main truck-pods are made to work by themselves as well as together for bigger tasks. The project also takes into consideration a future where distribution of drones occurs and where the truck allows drones working together with the truck to distribute as efficiently as possible to the end user.


The final result of this project was presented as a model in scale 1:10 with a short animation on how the superconductive quantum locking technology would work with the new infrastructure of quantum lanes.

It also gives an idea of the future role of the truck driver, as fully autonomous driving enters the market. It aims also to show how distribution could change as drones enter the market distribution chain and how trucks could benefit from drones for deliveries while in transit.

The truck “ set-up” gives an impression of how a modular system of truck pods could be used by redesigning the truck as we know it today.