Amplifying Mobility


What if the vehicle is no more an independent object, but an extension of you?
I went about trying to gather the essential elements of what would make such a vehicle. The key attributes were lightweight, portable, sporty and new age. I also adopted the design philosophy of designing around the postures of the user. This was core to my project.
I validated and 'designed' the right posture first and then went on to design the vehicle that would be conducive to such a case.
Through the design phase, there was a lot of engineering as well. In designing new kinds of mechanisms and 'functionally aesthetic' elements.
At the prototype stage, a lot of focus went into the prototyping and exploring of various manufacturing processes. CNC Milling, welding, Turning, Fibre Moulding, etc were some of the key processes I used.

The end result of my project is a functional prototype with in depth detailing of the design elements.

Inspiration and Method

Do not design something and ask the user to adapt to it. Design something around the user instead.
This is the underlying design philosophy I followed through the design process.
The ergonomics of riding is inspired by the body postures of martial artists and extreme sports enthusiasts. The vehicle is designed to accommodate and leverage these ergonomic advantages


The process followed a logical progression from why things need to be the way they are in the final result. I built a functional prototype that is advanced in terms of the engineering as well as the design and user experience component