Redefining the asbestos abatement in the demolition industry

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Materials containing asbestos has been used excessively in the construction industry. At one time asbestos was labelled the wonder material. It is robust, cheap, nonconductive and provides great insulation support. However, we now know the health implications and today it is banned in multiple countries. Removing asbestos is still a difficult and dangerous task and it will continue to be harmful as long as it dwells behind our walls. The focus of this project is to challenge existing methodologies of asbestos abatement, and suggest a better way to remove it from urban housings.

Inspiration and Method

This project was carried out with close collaboration with end users, such as engineers, operators, technicians, and other stakeholders from the context and as professionals in the context, their insights and feedback have fortified this design process.

The aim of this project was to propose a solution whereas the end-result supports the demolition process at the pre-demolition stage, and simplifies the asbestos abatement. By doing this, the solution will complement the Hydraulic Attachment Product range by Epiroc.