Simplifying Skin Self-monitoring at Home

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Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, with malignant melanoma being the most aggressive and life-threatening kind. However, by detecting suspicious skin lesions early, the disease can be cured. Dermatologists stress the importance of checking your own skin regularly in order to mitigate the risk of developing cancer. This project investigates the possibilities of creating a tool for skin self-monitoring at home in order to detect lesions earlier.


Viewpoint is a wall mounted camera device that supports and helps users to get an overview of the parts of the body where malignant melanoma most commonly develops.

Cameras collect data about the skin and its changes over time and smart image analysing software gives the user tips and helps to identify areas that require a closer look.
The user gets an overview of the skin like a three-dimensional map so that hard to reach areas of the skin can be checked for suspicious lesions.

Thanks to the placement of the product in the home where people already are intimate, it is easy to use it regularly and thereby increase the chance of detecting a potentially cancerous skin spot early. In the long run this can increase the chance of surviving.