Fabric Tells

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Clothing consumption is constantly increasing in Sweden. In parallel with this trend there is a growing interest in sustainable consumption. The goal of this project is to make it easier for individuals to become more conscious and to encourage an emotional attitude towards clothes. The project investigates how an RFID-tag, attached to the garment, could storage valuable information. The final concept is a System, an RFID-tag and an App that assist the individual in making conscious choices, to keep track of the wardrobe and make second hand more convenient.


Fabric Tells is a system makes consumption more sustainable and encourages the users emotional attitude towards clothes.

This is done with a story tag that is loaded with a valuable information from the clothing company, such as production methods, material qualities and standard information like size and color and much much more...

But this is only the beginning of the story. The story tag will be added with information through the garmets whole lifespan. Because we use the garments in different combinations throughout the year. We travel the world in them and we have the most memorable experiences while wearing them.

All this create a unique story for every gament.
The user unfold the garment story when for example planning to buy something new.

The system generates a personalized profile for the user. Therefore unnecessary purchases are prevented. But sell the garment you don’t use as planned easily through the Fabric Tells second hand plattform.

You can find garments you look for even from second hand, by your personalized profile. And get access to the whole story of a garment you are interested in from the very first production to memories previous owners have experienced in this garment.

Every garment has a unique story. Let’s make it valuable.