Pebbles - improving the interaction between people with dementia and their close relatives

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How do you keep a relationship with someone who forgets more and more as time goes by?

Pebbles is a conversation supporter that through tactility, visuals and trigger sentences empowers the relationship between people with dementia and their close relatives.

Inspiration and Method

”One of the most difficult things as a close relative is that you don’t know what to talk about. So you go back to asking questions about if they remember things, which they don’t and that hurts.” - Close relative 1

”It is mom, but she’s becoming less and less like the mom i know. She’s another person now and that changes the communication and relationship completely.” - Close relative 2


Pebbles is a sculptural tray and a system designed to use in an elderly home. It's not a puzzle or a memory game to solve, because life with dementia is enough of a challenge as it is.

Pebbles is there for you to find your way through a conversation, focus on the present moment instead of the past/future and build on the current state of the relationship.