BMW Motorrad - Spirit

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BMW Spirit provides a revolutionary experience for future motorcycle riders. Focusing on the interaction between the rider and the bike, it creates the opportunity to build a deeper relationship. BMW Spirit creates a human-machine symbiosis and is controlled like an extension of the human body. The built-in artificial intelligence is the rider's companion and develops its own character over time. This character is expressed by slight motions of the bike. Growing trust enables more possibilities to push the limits and to enjoy the power of this unique riding experience.

Inspiration and Method

Since I have been a child I accompanied my father on his motorcycle trips. That’s the decisive reason for my passion for motorcycling and bike design. So early on I knew there is no way around making my driver’s license when I am 18. Meanwhile I have a Honda Fireblade and I love riding my bike along beautiful roads of the Alps. I have been riding on the race track a few times as well. The feeling of total control over speed and physics is what motivates me to develop a performance bike concept. When you really feel the boundaries of physics and the way you guide a motorcycle riding along the track with over 250 km/h it changes your mind. You feel every tiny change to your bike and your body and exactly that inspired me to look deeper into this topic. The deep relation to the machine involves a lot of trust to it as well. The control over your body movements always has direct impact on the performance of the bike.
I see great potential in the above mentioned human-machine relationship. Exploring the possible levels of human-machine interaction based on the riding of a motorcycle can uncover great potential for the whole industry, which basically didn’t change much for the last 60 years.


Before the degree project started, I set myself three major goals. I wanted to create something, that has never been there before in motorcycle design. It should create a whole new riding experience. And this experience should be inspirational and new to several fields of transportation design besides motorcycling.
When bringing the rider and the bike even closer together on several levels than today, the sensitive human machine collaboration became the number one feature that differs this motorcycle from any other out there. This combined with the flexible structure created a whole new story in my mind. A seamless, smooth and individual experience, getting rid of all the restrictions current motorcycles bring with them.