Volkswagen V-Trek

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When daily commuting fails to deliver the experience we are looking for, transportation as we know it evolves into a new form: Mental Transportation. Due to urbanization, by the year 2040 nearly 70% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. As a result of this, people are becoming more and more disconnected from nature. Volkswagen V-Trek offers an instant escape to nature, from megacities to conservation areas around the world. With an immersive full-body experience, V-Trek engages people with nature, as well as with Volkswagen as a brand.

Inspiration and Method

The objective of the project was obvious and clear, and the research phase consisted mostly of philosophical consideration and evaluation. Research about digital realities and VR simulation technologies were also conducted at the early stage of the design process. The inspiration for the design mostly comes from nature and objects that clearly communicate the concept idea and context. Design methods were mainly general i.e. sketching, 3D modeling and VR testing. VR turned out to be crucial both in terms of the result as well as experience prototyping as a proof of concept.


V-Trek aims to solve the problem, where people in the future are totally disconnected from nature, due to exploding urbanization. It gives people, living in megacities, a remote access to all breath-taking conservation areas around the world. The experience is delivered by triggering all human senses and so providing emotional and sensational connection to our most valuable asset: nature. V-Trek also introduces a new form of transportation: Mental transportation. When our daily commuting within cities fails to deliver the experiences that the future users are looking for, transportation is divided into two: Physical (necessity) and Mental (experience). In 2040, Volkswagen will be the first company to provide both in one exclusive mobility service.