Luxe Nomad

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The topic of the project has been about the future of luxury mobility and how the brand Rolls-Royce could evolve along the technological advancements until the year 2038. As luxury is changing from being about possession to the experience of luxury the goal was to design a vehicle that could support both new internal and external experiences in relation to the vehicle. The identified obstacle that could limit the scope of new experiences in an autonomous vehicle is motion sickness. The concept provides a solution inspired by high-speed trains that could limit those effects. Through understanding the future customers need of privacy a method of controlling the amount of insight was developed to enhance the user experience and giving them an increased sense of control of their own space. During the process the tools used varied from form exploration through sketching , concept principle testing and finalization in 3d software as well as visualization tools to communicate the proposed solutions. The final result Rolls-Royce Luxe Nomad is a vehicle for exploring the world outside the urban areas. Going far and beyond in search of new and unique experiences but also making the trip there as enjoyable as possible.