Volvo Volem

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What if the future of transportation was more diverse, more exciting and more responsible? What if the airship would finally get its great renaissance and what would it look like if Volvo developed it? The focus of this project is transport in tourism and the final concept is a holistic service design for continental round-trips provided by Volvo. A journey of this future should be environmentally responsible, experientially enriching, educational and exciting. The key to this future is “Volvo Volem”. The airship has a comfortable main deck, an extraordinary lounge and an observation balcony which provides an unforgettable viewing experience.

Inspiration and Method

During the design process, I conducted some research in the field of tourism and in LTA (lighter-than-air) technologies. I used traditional design tools like sketching and 3D-modelling to refine my ideas. To get an impression of the interior I got the opportunity to test the geometry in virtual reality, which turned out to be a very helpful technology with increasingly indispensable characteristics in the design field.


This Thesis gravitates around a holistic vision for the future of tourism provided by Volvo. Therefor every single elements defining the experience had to be design from the luxurious interior continuing with the imposing presence of the exterior and finally finishing with the welcoming docking tower.
Having the capacity to board 30 people for up to 10 hours the Volvo Volem can fly 1500 km non-stop. Besides the description of the whole experience, the interior being the main focus, the attempt was to answer a broad range of level of comfort therefor as a result three different zones were defined, the private lounge, the main deck and the social area with a spacious observation balcony.